• Custom Food Manufacturing

    We bring entrepreneurial ideas to life every day!

  • Bringing your recipe to market

    From Formulation to Full Production

  • Farm to Fork

    Your beautiful summer crops can become
    your lucrative, year around sauce.


1. n: an item of food

2. adj: edible

A big word for a simple idea…

We can help you grow

from small batch to major brand

Whether you have a new product or would like to see your current product grow in scale, we can prepare you for the retail market. Your recipe is your baby, your commodity  – we understand that. Contract Comestibles is a full-service co packer, offering generations of experience, guidance in product development, superior quality control and an impressive list of compliance success including FDA and HAACP.

Our goal is to help you reach your goal.

Our products are sold daily throughout North America





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