Contract Comestibles provides a full range of services, including ingredient and packaging material sourcing, formula and process development, label development, and quality control & HACCP programs.

Processing Capabilities

  • USDA & FDA Inspected

    Meat and Poultry inspection  Plant # 15851/P15851

  • Organic & locally grown

    Organic Products Processing, certified by Oregon Tilth.

  • Kosher

    Appropriate products can be kosher, supervised by the Orthodox Union.

  • Thermal Processing

    Batch processing in jacketed kettles.  Batches can range from 100  to 2500 lb
    Continuous processing in plate or tubular heat exchangers.
    Finished products can be chilled or blast frozen.

  • Mechanical Processing

    Size reduction including grinding, shredding, and slicing.
    Emulsification in batch or continuous process.
    Dry blending and dry/liquid blending.


  • Cartons

    Eight oz through half gallon polyethylene coated or foil lined. For powders, liquids and particulates up to 1 inch.

  • Bags

    2 oz to 5 lb (vertical form-fill-seal) in a variety of materials. For powders, liquids, and mixtures with particulates under 1 inch.
    A variety of larger pouches for multiple components, large particulates or solid products.
    Bulk bags are also available.

  • Bottles

    8 oz to 1 gallon bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Smaller sizes may be possible depending on bottle configuration.

  • Cups/Trays

    Plastic trays and cups in a selection of sizes.

  • Bulk

    Fiber or steel drums, pails, totes, and tanks

Product Development

  • Formula

    Formula and process development from concept, prototype, or recipe.

  • Duplication

    Duplication of existing products

  • Scale

    Scale up from lab to full production